Age is just a number...

Senior Club „Paws“ is a project focused on promoting older dogs in order to help them find a new loving home, so they can replace cold shelter cage with warm soft pillow or even a place on the couch. 🏠❤️

Sadly, many older dogs spend a long time at the shelter due to prejudice about their age, which usually makes them invisible while people visit shelters seeking for a new dog.

We are aware that puppies are being adopted the most, and dogs of younger age, but older dogs are also ready to be your new best friend for many, many years.🐕✨

Older snouts can be active like younger dogs, ready for different adventures and traveling, or they can be of calmer nature, wanting only warm hugs and your attention.

Don’t turn your back on older dogs, come to them while visiting the shelter.

Pet them and look at them in the eyes...

Let them tell you their life story and allow them to enter into your life because all they want is to be important to somebody again and to have a family which will never abandon them. 🙏❤️