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To help Senior dogs in shelters which are currently out of our reach, we need your help...

With each donation we are a mile closer to our four legged friends 💖

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Account number: HR20 2340 0091 1105 4763 1

Name: Udruga Novi mediji
Address: Jablanska 82, 10 000 Zagreb

Address: Radnička cesta 50, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

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Let's help ⭐️ Seniors

Why donate? 💟

By donating you are helping to promote Senior dogs who spend many, many years in the shelters, and are considered „non adoptable. “ 😞

Shelters have a lot of work on daily basis and with all the noble work they do, they don’t have much time for video/audio promotion, which results with just a few pictures of each dog, or „live” video posts created with a mobile phone.

As we visited shelters for many years before, some old snouts stayed in our hearts forever. That being said, we decided we want to help them find a new loving home as soon as possible, before they lose their hope that they can be loved by somebody... 🐶💖

How do we help? 👍

We started this non-profit project with our own initiative, and with loads of love and care for dogs, our beloved companions. By using our time and knowledge, we started “Senior Club Paws” to create, record, edit and process videos which present Senior dogs from many different shelters.

Besides videos of dogs, we create interviews with shelter managers/workers/volunteers to make people realize how adopting an older dog is a noble and beautiful act, and by doing so you will gain a new companion, family member, and loads of love.

Behind our videos there is our time, effort, knowledge and love which we dedicate to all pups that stay beind cold shelter cages and gaze at the doors, waiting for a person, an angel, that will turn their life around and take them into new and better life. 🙏

How are the donations used? 🤔

We are running this project with power and will to help, but in order to reach shelters which are far by location, we need your help. Besides having costs of traveling long distances, we would love to collect enough funding to provide Senior dogs some quality adult dog food, and even replace old wooden doggy houses with new ones, so our furry friends can endure life easier, until they get adopted.

Each donation brings higher chance of adoption to a senior dog, a dog that dreams of a day when he will belong.. 💕

How to donate for specific cause? 🌷

Donation for any cause is always much appreciated. Regardless if its donation for a new dog house, travel expenses or food for senior dogs, you can just write the cause in payment description.

We thank you in the name of dogs whose lives you are about to change... 🌷🐕